History and the Future

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Agilex™ has been created specifically to bring a high level of product development capabilities, services and technical innovations to the underserviced middle-market and select multinational market segments of the consumer product industry.

Our approach with customers is consultative in nature and geared toward helping our clients solve a variety of product development challenges in order to launch successful products within their markets.

Our direction in evolving our business has been to bring together a wide-range of problem-solving capabilities and a diverse customer base through investments in both organic growth and acquisition initiatives.

From 1999 through 2006, six flavor and fragrances companies were acquired by Flavor and Fragrance Group Industries (FFG). These companies were specifically selected for their outstanding products, niche technologies and an entrepreneurial spirit, attributes that met the strategic criteria of the business model for a new and distinctive flavor and fragrance supplier. During that time, each company continued to do business and serve their customers under their own market brands.

Along the way, significant investments in people, facilities, equipment and systems were made and the companies were carefully and systematically integrated. Today, the new market brand, Agilex is a single company platform with greater scale and more efficient and comprehensive resources from which to better serve our customers.

The roots of Agilex began in 1987 when AromaTech (ATI), located in Somerville, New Jersey, was formed. By the time it was acquired in 1999, AromaTech had built a solid reputation for proprietary fragrance delivery systems for candles, air care, personal care and select functional products.

In the same year, International Fragrance & Technology (IFT) of Canton, Georgia, was also acquired. Founded in 1991, IFT was initially focused on home fragrance and air care markets, subsequently expanding to personal care, cosmetics, soaps and detergents and institutional and industrial fragrances. IFT was well respected as a cost effective leader in analytical perfumery and fragrance duplication.

Agilex gained impressive flavor capabilities in 2000 when it acquired Key Essentials (KEI), Rancho Santa Margarita, California and Flavor Source, located in Anaheim, California.

Founded in 1989, Technology Flavors & Fragrances (TFF) located in Amityville, New York, was acquired in 2005, adding both flavor and fragrance resources to the Agilex marketing portfolio. TFF had garnered a quality reputation for fragrances for a variety of consumer products such as body washes, bar soaps, fabric softeners, commercial detergents and designer candles. Versatile capabilities from fragrances for everyday household items to luxury spa products are also brought under the Agilex banner.

Western Flavors & Fragrances (WFF), located in Livermore, California, was acquired by Agilex in 2006. Founded in 1986, it was respected as a domestic and international supplier of innovative flavors and fragrances. Its rapid turnaround of customer samples and orders supported the Agilex mandate to provide agile services.

In November 2010, Agilex divested its flavor division and is now in prime position to focus on its substantial fragrance capabilities, the company's core business since it was founded.

What does the future hold for Agilex?

First, we have a firm commitment to place our customers at the forefront of everything we do at Agilex by understanding that our success is measured by their success.

Second, we will always act within the core values of our company and in an entrepreneurial way, consistently practice the agility, passion and excellence that defines us in the market place.

And finally, we will continue to grow our business both organically and through further acquisitions, joining with new companies that can contribute complementary technologies and resources that will improve and enhance our capabilities to serve our customers.

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